Monday, October 31, 2016

Degrees of Shittiness

The final week of the 2016 Presidential Election is upon us and our choice is shit. That's right, shit. Lesser degrees of shit to be sure, but shit nonetheless. A lot of words come to mind when I think of the possibility of Donald Trump becoming President of the United states. Buffoon, Racist, Anarchist, Dumb, and Jerk are a few that exist capitalized in my head. To be fair, his views are not that far off from dozens of previous fools who have occupied that office. But his vision of America is not my vision of America. The past horrors of American style racism have now gone from technicolor to viral due to the sleazy campaign of this enormous ignoramus. Secretary Clinton is just a hair less shitty than Trump. Her sleaziness would've remained on the down low had it not been for Wikileaks and her ridiculous email shenanigans. I am supposed to believe that a former First Lady, United States Senator, and Secretary of State does not know what classified means. I read the FBI notes and for her to say, allegedly under oath, that she was not sure of the levels of classification means that she is either grossly incompetent or a high class liar. The latter is most likely the case. So what are we to do? Sensible people, and people who truly care for this country, have no legitimate choice in this farce. We need a collective political shower to wash off some of the grime that these two have thrown at us for the last eighteen months. Sitting at home and not voting is not an option. Too many people from the lands of my ancestors have died trying to make sure that I have the right to cast my ballot. So having excoriated a lady who literally hates Weiner I guess I have to roll with the H. By default. I know what some will say. I am enabling the political shenanigans to continue if I validate this bullshit with my vote. And that is true. Holding my nose and choosing donkey shit over elephant shit is not the most logical thing to do. But logic has no place in our current political system. All I know is that the candidate who is supported by Nazis is not someone I want to see in office. Sometimes America gets the President it deserves and by casting my vote with H I know exactly what I'm getting, and deserve.