Tuesday, March 13, 2018

False Choices...

It's official. Fox News & MSNBC are two sides of the same coin. Both networks traffic in political mendacity and offer little in intelligent discussion. Every editorial angle is labeled with the false choice of the tired "liberal versus conservative" paradigm. Fox News thrives and secures it's resources by feeding on the vapid minds of racists. Yes I said it. Racists. Their demographically shrinking audience, for the most part, gets titillated by any racially motivated vitriol belched out by T-Rump.

Why? Because MSNBC amplifies Fox News and all the other conservative entities that kneel to the alter of ALEC and the NRA. If you watch MSNBC for more than eight minutes you will see one of their commentators, and it doesn't matter which one, "react" to something that was said on Fox News...or at a T-Rump rally...or at CPAC, and on and on...

MSNBC thrives on giving voice to the witless. Some of the goofy shit being said by conservatives is chilling, not amusing. I don't think the smiling condescension, that exudes from many of the MSNBC hosts, is helping to find solutions to this nation's problems. 

MSNBC needs a makeover. Reactionary media is dependent on the status quo. Conflict is good for corporate coffers. When elections are "perceived" to be close the purchase of campaign ads increases. So it's financially expedient to rely on polls that project tight races even when the polls are suspect. When the election ends, the drumbeat for the next election begins!

I admit, I watch MSNBC but I'd like to see less emphasis on conflict and more focus on new ideas, fresh perspectives, and real problem solvers. I don't care about political leanings...I care about the future of this nation!

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