Sunday, March 4, 2018

Now What?

The criminal ineptness of our current president is not surprising. He suffers from a lack of intellectual curiosity, believes in an evil racial world view, and has surrounded himself with incompetent elitist buffoons. Our beloved country is shedding a political snakeskin of plutocracy, malfeasance, and greed that is resetting the internecine alignments of allies and foes alike. He is so bad that even republicans are holding their nose when they sit next to him because he stinks of stoopidness (sic) and most likely too much Old Spice. The Citizens United Case, decided by the Supreme Court in 2010, declared that restricting the use of campaign finance funds was a violation of free speech, or something like that. This began the long painful road that T-RUMP (tee-rump) traveled towards his dangerous destination of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Dark money from secret sources (Russia, Saudi Arabia, The NRA, etc) flowed by the millions into the campaign coffers of the soulless GOP. To be fair I am sure that the other side had it's hand out too. Secret campaign donations, craven rightist media whores, and a truth bending political strategy led to Sarah Palin, the Tea Party (remember them), and ultimately T-Rump. Oh I forgot, the putrid political cocktail was not complete until a jigger of racism was added. Now what? How will this end? I would like to see the Special Counsel create a prime time reality show for the next several months and go "behind the scenes" as he pursues the final results for Manafort and the rest of the corrupt group. We would see scenes of Mueller working intensely with his staff juxtaposed with softer scenes of Mueller visiting black barber shops getting advice on next moves from a few brothas. I would LOVE to see that! The most relevant stories of the past few weeks have been about the possible/probable financial connections between the NRA, Russia, and the GOP. One could surmise that the GOP's silence and interference in the many Russia investigations is related to that. This might be the investigatory caulk that seals in the details of this sordid point in our history. Keep your eye on this aspect and wait for the ultimate reveal by Summer. For now we will have to put up with T-Rump's shenanigans and brace ourselves for the long term impact of his flailing presidency. He is beyond grace and will deserve any criminal fall out from his dumb ass acts.

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