Saturday, April 7, 2018

Saboteur in Chief

Seek and destroy is the underlying theme of everything 45 is doing. No need to over analyze what’s going on, it is right in front of your face. Conservatives have been railing against the tyranny of the Federal Government for decades. A fundamental tenant of their orthodoxy has been, and continues to be, that the government is the enemy. Therefore, it must be destroyed and 45 is the perfect empty vessel to make it happen.

What’s his policy for education? Arm teachers with guns. His economic policy? Pull out of sensitive trade agreements, start trade wars with allies, and roil global financial institutions. Healthcare policy? Restrict access for poor people and torpedo the market for everyone else. Environmental policy? Pull out of a major global agreements and remove protections that actually contribute to cleaner air/water. Foreign affairs? Abandon historical allies, abdicate control to the military, and cozy up to dictators. What’s his policy on Race? Well…we’ve known that one for decades.

This is not to say that Conservatives are the only folks who have had issues with Uncle Sam. African Americans have been wary of government intrusion for generations. 45’s disdain for the FBI is not that different from what the Panthers and others were saying in the 60’s. The problem is that his sabotaging of fundamental governmental institutions is threatening to end this grand old democratic experiment. That’s not hyperbole.

You cannot govern from a position of anger, ignorance, and vanity. 45 personifies all of the poorest qualities of the sick underbelly of like minded bigots. The difference is that he has the keys to wealth, power, and weaponry. He is now the most dangerous man on the planet. I’d like to be optimistic and hopeful during these dark times. But it’s not easy.

How will this end? Not pretty. The United States of America faces the prospect of a sitting President being charged with laundering Russian money. Our only hope is that it comes before he finishes the job he was sent there to do.

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